About Us

The Montessori method of education is followed whereby the child learns at his/her own pace and absorbs information from an enriched prepared environment. The child’s sensitive periods are recognized as he/she is guided to develop co-ordination, concentration, good work habits and academic skills. French, art, music and movement, geography, history and science are included in the curriculum. For more details, please visit the Programs page.

We have three convenient locations to serve our families better: Montessori Education Centre (East York Campus-16 Thorncliffe Park Drive) and The Absorbent Years Childcare (North York Campus 2737 Bayview Avenue and 128 Fairview Mall Drive) which have been recognized by C.C.M.A (Canadian Council of Montessori Administrators) as accredited Montessori Schools, offering a pure and authentic Montessori Program.


Our Staff

Staff consist of Montessori trained and certified teachers. All staff members hold CPR training. Low student-teacher ratios create a supportive environment that facilitates close teacher-student interaction.