Allen & Meghan

We cannot say enough wonderful things about Absorbent Years Childcare / Montessori Education Centre! From our very first tour in 2015, we were impressed by how each classroom was such a calm, happy, productive, and collaborative learning environment. We observed that each child was happily engrossed in their own individual learning activity, and the older children were quick to help their peers. The behaviours we observed from the children showed a maturity well beyond their pre-school years – a sharp contrast to many of the other schools we visited where chaos and screaming seemed to be the norm.


We enrolled our children, who are now 2 & 5, and they both LOVE the school and their teachers. Every day they come home demonstrating impressive learnings and behaviours above what one would expect for their age. The teachers are experts at knowing each child’s strengths and weaknesses, and choosing activities that properly challenge and engage them. They are educated and even help students in Canada with their essays, academic papers by working in paper service.


It is a tight-knit community – it is obvious that the staff truly love all the children, and are unbelievably caring and nurturing. The Principal takes an interest in each family, and is always available and willing to chat with parents to ensure that the goals in each child’s learning plan are being met.