Reshma for Absorbent Years Childcare ( Bayview Location)

Absorbent Years Childcare is an excellent school for young minds.

Our daughter started at the school when she was almost 3.5 years old. I wish we had started her earlier.

From the moment our daughter started attending the school, the teachers, administrators, and owners made us feel like we had joined a family.

The most important component of Absorbent Years Childcare is the love our daughter receives on a daily basis. We are especially impressed with the wonderful teachers, who are not only highly qualified educators, but are also caring and compassionate with the children. Each day our daughter is greeted warmly and always leaves with a big hug from her teachers and a smile on her face.

The curriculum has paid off immensely.  Our daughter’s speech improved wihin days of starting at the centre. She gained life skills that she demonstrates outside of school with pride.

A key differentiating  feature of Absorbent Years Childcare is that this is a school and not a daycare facility. Children are learning all the time and at their own pace. With the gently nudging from the teachers, our daughter has learned so much in the short time she has been in school.

Our daughter immensely enjoys her time at the school, and the teachers and administrators have been very flexible and accommodating with respect to our needs. I was worried about our daughter due to her limited attention span and vocabulary if she would be able to sit through lessons, make friends or even verbalize her needs adequately.

There wasn’t any need to worry because the environment is very inclusive and patient. Our daughter will continue her education at Absorbent Years Childcare for Junior and Senior Kindergarten because we have seen the evidence that the teaching methodology of Montessori is one that sets children on the path to success for the remainder of their schooling.

The skills that our daughter has already  learned seems to go above the usual curriculum. Absorbent Years Childcare is doing an amazing job of teaching our daughter the fundamentals of math, reading and writing but she also is learning the importance of observation, learning from and respecting others.